Are cinema and television dying art forms?

Aug 2018
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With the rise of the Internet and the appearance of video-sharing platforms like Youtube as well as file-sharing platforms, are cinema and television dying? Or, at the very least, losing their relevance? Is there something we can do to save them? Or should people involved in these industries simply recycle themselves elsewhere?

Video games are rising this century. Why watch something when you can live and experience something?


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Apr 2015
The Cinema these days lacks creativity. Same 4-5 types of themes are recycled in number of movies again and again particularly in Sci-fi or action movies.


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Apr 2017
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The Cinema these days lacks creativity. Same 4-5 types of themes are recycled in number of movies again and again particularly in Sci-fi or action movies.
Four or five? Every movie needs action or it's a drag! :cool:



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Dec 2010
Hmm... really good TV shows that are not on Netflix or HBO are not really being made any more.

Supernatural 2005 -now
Doctor Who 2005-now
Breaking Bad 2008-2013
Sons Of anarchy 2008-2014
Justified 2010-2015
Luther 2010-2018
Sherlock 2010-now?
Walking Dead 2010-now
But Dr Who, Luther and Sherlock were all originally commissioned and/or produced and premiered on the BBC, a publicly funded terrestrial broadcaster.

Selling a successful terrestrial show to a cable/subscription service proves that old fashioned TV can still come up with the goods, despite the amount of competition from cable or internet only content providers.

IMO the internet is still far too young for any of us to be making sweeping predictions as to its role in the future of entertainment. My advice is "if you like it then watch it and if you don't, don't, maybe go outside and see what the wind feels like".:)
Feb 2012
There are no Ingmar Bergmans, Tarkovskys (deep spiritual meanings and painterly visuals although the tv show Hannibal did this splendidly) .... also haven't seen great historical epics like saving private ryan in a long while the first time I didn't want to see ANY summer movies was this year, depressing the world has gone shallow and spiritless and I'm not sure if the young generations are even capable of appreciating these sort of works, at least in the US


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Mar 2008
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No! Cinema and TV are not a dying art form. In fact they are not an art form. There are a medium for the art of storytelling. The medium may change over time but the stories continue with the same 36 basic dramatic situations.


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Mar 2012
TV is not dying... unfortunatly. I am currently at my computer and my wife is watching some serials. With adds. I think for my wife the adds add to the pleasure of watching this damn box. And the wonderful thing of waiting for the movie to begin an this or that time.
Yes, I can download any movie at no time at all (with the speed of 200 Mb) and without the adds. I even can download the serials or whatever she would want. But no. Stubbornly she prefers the TV...
When I am alone (that happens sometimes, very rarely) it stands swithed off.
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