are inventions like the cotton gin, interchangeable parts and the steamboat part of internal improvements?

Nov 2019
i'm working on a project for my US history class on internal improvements. i'm having trouble distinguishing whether the inventions that i mentioned above part of internal improvements.
is the american system part of internal improvements? or is the other way around? someone please clarify this for me

thanks guys


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Aug 2015
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I think that internal improvements refers to things like roads, canals, railroads, ports, etc.


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Aug 2016
The American System that was supported by Henry Clay in the first half of the 19th century did include a program of internal improvements, mostly the construction of roads, bridges, and canals. At other times, harbor improvements were also considered internal improvements. The American System also included tariffs and a national bank.

The cotton gin, interchangeable parts, and the steamboat were important but are not considered internal improvements.