Are Punjabi/Potohari Rajputs just Jatts and Gujjars?


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Aug 2015
Who gives the right to tell anyone to stop using any identity he or she chooses to use?
If a person has aproblem then he can stop using his own caste name but he cannot make some one else to do the same.
Isn't the entire reservation system in India based upon the true caste of one? Or is it based upon "any identity he or she chooses to use"?
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Apr 2015
Thats what they claim but i agree they must be of Hindu background (their chiefs had Hindu title of Rai). But you are confusing Khokhars with Gakhars, a common mistake that people make due to faulty translations by Britishers like Briggs, Elliot etc. Gakhars first appear in record history in Baburnama. The people who came into contact with Mahmud of Ghazna, Muhammad bin Sam of Ghor and Jalaluddin Khwarzemi, were Khokhars not Gakhars.
Having a foreign ancestry is seen as symbol of pride in many South Asian Muslims, people should not be surprised if people cookup stories about their ancestries.
Jan 2019
Yes I think you are onto something here. Coming from a Lahori family, I can easily say that being Rajput did not give you some extra prestige there. Jatts and Gujjars are very proud of their clans, and so it does not make much sense why they should suddenly claim Rajput identity. Having said that I did know some Chauhans and Rathores growing up and these are exclusively Rajput to the best of my knowledge. The current Pakistani ambassador to the Netherlands is a Rathore from Lahore for example.
there is no or very very few rathore in pakistan and chauhan are found in rajput , jatts and gujjars
faizul hassan chauhan he is gujjar and lot of chahan are gujjar
Most Muslim Chauhan consider themselves to be Rajput. However in central Punjab, in particular in what was the old gujaranwala and jehlum Divisions Chauhans also identified themselves as Jats, and intermarried with other tribes of Jat status and from what i have observed most rajputs who migrated from india use rana title even many chauhan use rana , rao title
potohar rajputs are basically jats and gujjars and almost all have dual status like Dozens of potohar clans ending in al. Such as damyal matyal kalyal, kanyal, rachyal, runyal. Punyal, nathyal and many more are of dual status
i have minhas friends from sargodha and they are jat and marry with other clan of jat status so in other words there almost all rajput clan in punjab are of dual in status only tiles like rana,rao rathore can distinguish them
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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Isn't the entire reservation system in India based upon the true caste of one? Or is it based upon "any identity he or she chooses to use"?
:) Yeah, a person may claim to be brahmin or kshatriya, but for purpose of reservation advantages, he would stand in the line of a lower caste. Many tribals who have converted to Christianity, still claim to be Hindus for reservation purposes. Ajit Jogi, the former Chhattisgrh Chief Minister is one such example. He got elected from a seat reserved for tribal people, although he is not one.