Are Russians originally from Sweden?

Nov 2009
I have read in a book that the Viking who were living in Sweden took over the Eastern Europe and then they were called "Russians", and soon they blended in the Slavic race.
what do you say about that?
Jul 2011
Sure they created most of what is todays western russia, and they were called "rus". But there was maybe about a couple of thousands of them, only taking the ruling positions. Anyway most of this stuff is made up and written by nationalistic people trying to create a "special" indentity.

The only thing we know for sure is that the vikings did trade with the people on the volga river and the Dnieper river. May it be slavs, arabs, germans.


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Sep 2011
Er, no. The people originally referred to as the "Rus" might have been Scandinavian originally, and around, but it was a small group, and quickly assimilated.


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Jun 2014
Modern Russia of course covers an immense territory. What is considered the historical Russia was populated by Slavs and Sarmatians. As mentioned, the Rus, also known as the Varangians, were asked to come into the area and establish rule (see Rurik and Novgorod).
Apr 2014
Swedish Varangians just founded the Russian state. Today's Russians cant claim Swedish or Nordic heritage. They're still just a bunch of Slavs and Finns.
Jul 2012
In the 9th century Vikings explored the rivers of Eastern Europe to find a way to Byzantine (the Dnieper River) and Arab (the Volga River) markets. Along the way they set up "trading posts" to facilitate that trade and exploit the surrounding countryside. These areas provided a lot of virgin forest products, furs and probably the biggest item - slaves. In time, as the trade grew and their presence more permanent, the Viking descendents were drawn into political leadership of the area, largely to increase the efficiency and profitability of their activities. In time they transformed their names into Slavic names and adopted Orthodox Christianity. Genetically the local population was not affected by the small Viking presence. Culturally and politically, the Viking descendents were the leaders of a new society developed from the original slavic culture mixed with the new Orthodox Christianity.
Dec 2011
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Jun 2014
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Interesting theory was presented by Omeljan Pricak from Harvard University.

Have you heard about his theory?
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