Are the Phoenicians still around?


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May 2016
Are the Phonetician people still around in the Lebanese/Levant area? if they are even around, have they migrated anywhere?
The Phoenicians were a people that spread all around the Mediterranean Sea. And in all those places, as in their original position in the territories that today mostly belong to Lebanon, they miscigenated with other peoples, had wars, lost wars, changed language and religion. So “No”, as a people, they aren’t here anymore because they lost their cultural identity that identified themselves as such.
Jun 2012
Well, you can't expect the descendants of Phoenicians in 2018 AD to still remain the same as the original Phoenicians of 1,000 - 2,000 BC. Even if they are still living in virtually the same region as their ancient ancestors. All peoples are continuously exposed to new experiences, which wud change them in some way & to some extent. No tribe or nation in history has remained completely static in character.


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Nov 2012
They were not a huge ethnicity to start with. Merely a seafaring group so well-noticeable.
Sidon was destroyed by Alexander the Great, and Tyre met even a worse destiny.
Carthage was destroyed by the Romans. So I think that there was little of genetic pool left to mix, so probably some Lebanese carry 1% - 3% of Phoenician genome, but this is all


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Mar 2012
No, the Phoenecians were a cultural group that died out over two thousand years ago. Lebanon is where they were primarily located - but to say “The Lebanese are the Phoenecians people” would not be accurate.

As well, the Phoenician culture originated on the Arabian peninsula according ancient historians; it prospered most in Lebanon and Israel, and reached at least as far as Spain.

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