Are there any Afro-Abkhazians left?

May 2017
Afro-Abkhazians are descendants of the Ottoman Slave Trade from East Africa who were sent to the Caucasus (probably to work on citrus plantations). When the Russians conquered that region, they freed any slaves they encountered and as late as the 1920s some elderly Africans could be seen there. I want to know if there are any left or have they all been absorbed by the native population. If they are still around, do they retain any of their old culture?

At Each Kilometer

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Sep 2012
Most of the information about these guys is in Russian. Here what i found in ru wiki. They live in the villages of Adziubzha, Kyndyg, Tamysh, Tkhina, Reka and Elır according to Maan. Pachulia also adds the villages Pakwesh, Merkula, Achandara and also the city of Sukhumi. The Abkhaz blacks are engaged in the cultivation of citrus, grapes and corn. Тhey work in the coal mines of Tkuarchala, in the knitting factory and in the port of Sukhumi.