Are there proper Kshatriyas and Vaishyas in South India

Jul 2019
This sort of thread had a terrible reputation for degenerating into unacceptable pollitical/religious/ethnic/cultural war ... far from the civility and respect for others who we disagree with. So far, the participants here have managed to stay clear of the rocks and shoals. Exchange information, try to understand why the whole world isn't as insightful as you, and this forum
might actually contribute to better understanding of communities far from Southern Asia. The Forum will continue to be closely monitored, so keep up the good work.
Pl. confirm whether my answer " About Rajus............." is problematic.and creates conflicts .. I will delete it.


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May 2013
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No, you will not delete posts after posting and other posts are made. Remember the cardinal rules here are to be civil and respectful of others, and not to denigrate anyone ... esp. on the basis of politics, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or cultural differences. This is, we like to think, the best Internet site for HISTORY available, and so posts that are not clearly HISTORY are already on thin ice. The study of History requires an open-mind unsullied with prejudice and chauvinism; it requires us to look beyond our own little bit of time and place always searching for a better understanding of the human condition. We all fail at that obviously, but we do expect a very serious "good faith effort and due diligence" of our members. As I noted above, so far this thread has managed to stay pretty much on track without degenerating into petty squabbles over "who is best...". Welcome again to Historum, and I have very high hopes that you will be a gem in our community crown.