Are these songs European (folk/traditional) or middle eastern?

Mar 2018
I recently had a discussion with a near eastern youtuber, regarding songs from a specific video, who said that they sound near eastern to him, but after a detailed search on near eastern music in youtube, from countries from Saudi Arabia to turkey and then north Africa, i have to admit that i found no significant similarities

The same goes for northern European songs, there were no similarities with music like Scandinavian or German, but at least in my opinion there were many similarities with several southern European, eastern European and to a lesser extent Celtic music.

I would like your opinion, but further than a simple yes or no, and if it's possible for every song separately:

*when i say European music, again i mean only folk (not baroque or secular) and everything in Europe, including countries like Russia Spain Portugal Malta Bulgaria Serbia Hungary Italy etc, because people often associate Europe with Netherlands, Sweden or UK, like the rest is not Europe
Equally when i say middle east i mean all of the Islamic world, excluding central Asia and Pakistan/Bangladesh or Afghanistan

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