Are you related to Nobility/Nobel house ? If yes, shre something about your house


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Sep 2013
According to some genealogy that a relative of mine did, I may well be descended from Owain Gwynedd, a king of North Wales in the 12th century, but as you imply many others will be as well.
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Jan 2016
Collapsed wave
My grand grand several generations back father was a greek writer and administrator at the Sultan's court in Constantinople, but he killed someone and had to flee north. Very minor nobility.

Some of my distant cousins still carry the family name "Writer".
Jun 2017
It is pretty hard to NOT be descended from royalty in Europe. The trick is proving it--and any good genealogist should be able to do so. If you aren't fussy about sources, even a poor genealogist will suffice. In preparing for a talk I gave on finding royal ancestors, I read that there were 5 common royal ancestors for Europe--primary is Charlemagne. I was trained that it is easier to prove descent from Charlemagne than from Charlemagne's stable hand. In Norway, it is said that Harald Håfagre put aside 9 legitimate wives when he married Ragnhild the Mighty. It became important for kings after Harald I to be his descendants so kings such as Sverre invented a lineage. Result: there probably isn't a person in Norway who doesn't descend from Harald I.

Once a member of a online Norwegian genealogy discovered that he was a descendant of one of the kings. He was so proud--he took to signing his emails "Sir Erik". But then he discovered that his ancestress was not the queen and he went back to being plain old Erik. Many of us come to loftier ancestors via the "wrong side of the blanket".
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Dec 2014
Yes I am a Fidalgo from my mother side... by mother side I came from Portugal... they belonged to the Portuguese Low Nobility.. from my father I came from Cantabria-Vizcaya. Yes, I am 100% Spanish (Portuguese-Castilian crowns). My family had the governorship of an island (Portuguese Crown) and dominions in Brazil (and also in Cuba) (Castilian Crown).

If one day the Spanish Empire come back again.. with the Portuguese in Mombassa and Bombay... and the Castilian in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam... maybe we regain our Family dominions in the Empire.

Well... No jokes, my family was about to take the government of Portugal to the international courts for our Dominions in Brazil and the Spanish one because our posessions in Cuba.


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Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
Said to be descended from the Kings of the Picts, but I would rather live in England than try to claim my rights among blue-painted savages in Scotland. More directly and more seriously, from a Norman knighly family, a connection preserved in garbled form in my surname. Just about everyone in western Europe seems to be descended from Charlemagne and so from Charles Martel.


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Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
some very minor and not too old (ennobled in the 17-18th century) nobles pop up in my mother's line ( through a great-grandmother's ancestors...).

Then not my direct ancestors, but on my father's side some cousins of my ancestors were also ennobled in the 17-18th century...or they forged it... There was some legal question around its authencity in the 18th century, but then they managed to make it recognized :)). Anyway, I descend from the peasant/serf line :))