Aristotle's outstanding contributions to the ancient sciences.

I recently made a short educational video covering the outstanding contributions that Aristotle made to the Greek sciences.

The main focus of the video is to cover Aristotle's treatment of the philosophical problems such as the questions change and knowledge that were posed by the philosophers that had come before him but it also covers other important subjects including...

- Aristotle's views on his teachers Plato's philosophy.

- Aristotle's fascinating and pioneering theories and contributions in ancient biology and cosmology.

- Explaining why Aristotle is one of if not The most important character in the history of ancient science and philosophy in the ancient and medieval world despite most of his claims about nature having been rejected with the advent of modern science.

Feel free to take a look and leave some positive comments or tear the video to pieces if you think there’s some important aspect that I've missed or misrepresented^^.
Nov 2016
Užice, Serbia
Not to be an ass, but this looks like a really tacky way to promote your YouTube channel. If you could present this info in the form of a video, you could sure as hell present it via text here.

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