Armenian Architecture

Apr 2012
Hey everybody! Went to Armenia a few months ago, and was in awe of the Lord of the Rings-esqu architecture and settings. Ancient and Medieval Armenian architecture is very unique in the world, and has influenced the architecture in neighboring Georgia, Turkey, and according to some sources Gothic and basic Christian church architecture. On the other hand, Armenian architecture has been influenced by Persian, Assyrian, Hurrian/Urartian and Islamic architecture. Armenia and Asia Minor are particularly interesting for me since they severed as the crossroads between East and West. This can be seen in Armenian art, architecture and music. I am going to attach a few cool monastery pics. Architecture historians and specialists, please, teach me something new! Please let me know the influences and history of Armenian architecture. There is almost a medieval fantasy element to Armenian and Caucasian! Armenian monasteries are scattered all over Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan. Armenia is littered with historic monuments, so much so that the locales call it an outdoor museum. Armenian architecture is incredibly overlooked and is a true treasure. Hope you enjoy!

Tatev Monastery - Armenia

Garni Temple - 1 century BCE/AD - Armenia

Marmashen Monastery - Armenia

Ani City - Turkey

Khatchkar Stone carvings - Unesco Armenian intangible heritage asset

Gandzasar Monestery - Karabagh

Thaddeus Monastery - Iran

Odzun Monastery - Armenia
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Jun 2018
I admire the architecture of the eastern countries. I was on a business trip from Ca.Edubirdie in Armenia and Azerbaijan, and I can tell you that despite the religious contradictions, these countries have much in common.
Mar 2018
" has been influenced by Persian, Assyrian, Hurrian/Urartian and Islamic architecture" man are you joking? That's almost gothic
Jun 2019
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