Article with list of 20 worst WWII generals.

Oct 2016
I'd heard of Gamelin and Percival, not the others
you never know how you'll do once the bullets fly.
US submarines had that problem. a lot of highly-regarded commanders did nothing once the war started, and some of their best came out of nowhere.

surprised Fredendal wasn't on the list, lots think he was horrible. got smacked at Kasserine Pass.
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Apr 2014
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General Georges - Nortwest Front commander of French Army in 1939-1940 , he was also very pessimistic and mentallt unstable type
Renya Mutaguchi - 15th Japanese Army commander who got his entire army destroyed during Operaration U-Go (Battle of Imphal-Kohima)
Ernest Dawley , commander of VI US Corps who got almost thrown back to sea during Salerno landings
Claude Auckinleck and Neil Ritchie - Middle East Commander in Chief and 8th Army commander who managed to lose Battles of Gazala Tobruk and Mersa Matruh at North Africa in two months despite numerical superiorty and fortified defences at Gazala line in 1942 summer.
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Oct 2016
whichever Japanese general that oversaw the New Guinea campaign.
they got stuck on the Kokoda trail and died from diseases and starvation.
thought they could live on captured allied supplies (as in Burma) but the Aussies made sure that didn't happen
piss poor way to treat the troops. the IJA foot soldiers deserved much better.
Apr 2014
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Oh I almost forgot : Courtney Hodges , 1st US Army commander , got his men slaghtered in Huertgen Forest during a seven week long brutal slogging frontal attrition battle , eventually couldn't even reach main objectives-Roer dams-and then in Aachen when 1st Army captured the city only in ruins and caught complately suprised and unwared when Ardennes Offensive stuck and lost control of battle shortly and played no relevant part after he lost his command on 19th December when Montgomery took over command of 1st and 9th US Armies. One staff officer in 1st US Army HQ at Spa described the situation in " chaos , no initiative or command from higher up , HQ seems deserted"
Jan 2019
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I don't think Auchinleck should be on the list. He defeated Rommel twice without numerical superiority, and Rommel acknowledged his abilities as being superior to prior British commanders. You could argue that he should have been put in charge of 8th Army with someone above him to manage the high-level aspects of the theatre.
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Apr 2014
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Some say that Auchinleck was a very competent general - he was just no good at picking reliable subordinate officers.

But then I suppose that is part of a general's job.

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