Assassination of General Wladyslaw Sikorski

Oct 2012
South Australia
Hi all, uncomfortable as this is I am announcing the facts and truth behind the mysterious Plane Crash of General Wladyslaw Sikorski in 1943 as a deliberately calculated sabotage to stop the plane.
It has taken 74 years for our family (and me) to release the truth. So be kind to me, I am English speaking raised from two parents that during WW2 were very very lethal.
My Dad was perhaps the 'Greatest undetected Assassin of the 20th Century', to explain please either type in to google 'To Live Well is to Hide Well' or go to the site of the book which is a true story at [MOD EDIT: Link removed]
It is to rewrite history and right some wrongs.
I can answer questions if you wish to ask.
Incase you are in doubt even the expert Garth Barnard who is the Investigator and Director of the TV Documentary Series 'Sikorski's Last Flight' applauds the fact this data is out.
Apr 2017
United Kingdom
Although one of the British intelligence(MI6/SIS) officers at the scene was H.A.R.("Kim")
Philby, there seems to be no evidence that Sikorski's crash was no more than a tragic accident(not unlike that which claimed the lives of several Polish leaders on their way to the Katyn Forest massacre of 1940)!


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