Assassination Of Patrice Lumumba Documentary

Jan 2019
Lumumba was a terrible leader. I respect his motivation and urge to develop and make his country great, but he simply wasn't good in politics.

Lumumba had no qualifications to run a country, had already served time for embezzlement and caved to immediate de-colonization when there were simply no qualified Africans to replace the Belgians (using the army officers was a big mistake). He also thought that turning his freshly independent country into a Cold War flashpoint would somehow work in his favour. Turns out that it wasn't the case.

His ineptitude paved the way for Mobutu(supported by the West) who did the Hobbesian strongman thing, which obviously didn't lead to development either.
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had already served time for embezzlement
"The details of Lumumba’s biography have been endlessly memorialized and cut and pasted: a former postal worker in the Belgian Congo, he became political after joining a local branch of a Belgian liberal party. On his return from a study tour to Belgium arranged by the party, the authorities took note of his burgeoning political involvement and arrested him for embezzling funds from the post office. He served twelve months in prison.

Congolese historian Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja — who was in high school during Lumumba’s rise and assassination — points out that the charges were trumped-up. Their main effect was to radicalize him against Belgian racism, though not colonialism. Upon his release in 1957, Lumumba, by now a beer salesman, was more explicit about Congolese autonomy and helped found the Congolese National Movement, the first Congolese political group which explicitly disavowed Belgian paternalism and tribalism, called unreservedly for independence, and demanded that Congo’s vast mineral wealth (exploited by Belgium and Euro-American multinational firms) benefit Congolese first."

Patrice Lumumba (1925–1961)

As for the rest, not even going to bother. That he was not a perfect leader or made certain mistakes could not justify what came next after he was ousted by some outside forces from the west.

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