Assistance on Maps for Northern Africa, 1000CE-1500CE

Hello Historum users,
I'm new to these forums and I apologise if this is the wrong place for me to post this (and if you don't want this kind of post here). Basically I am seeking help in locating maps, if any exist, of Northern Africa, from the northern borders of modern Ghana, Guinea and so on up to the coasts of Algeria, Libya and Egypt, circa 1000 CE to 1500 CE. The reason I ask is that I am currently updating an old mod I made for a computer game known as Crusader Kings II, by Paradox Interactive, and I'd like to make the new version of this mod as historically accurate as I possibly can. Unfortunately, my own searches have only revealed basic maps on a "national" level, showing me the rough exterior borders of the Empires and Kingdoms of the region(s) during the time period, and in many cases these borders conflict with each other. What I really need is something on a lower level, showing the important trade centres, political and cultural capitals, or even administrative regions if such a thing existed. Do any of you have any tips on books, or perhaps even online resources I could take a look at to assist me in my endeavours?

Any help is greatly appreciated, and if you'd like I can credit you in the mod itself.

Finally, again, apologies if this isn't the kind of thing you want around here :eek:
Jun 2012
Wow, that's a great resource Gmann101, thanks for the link!

*edit* In fact I think that's such a great idea, I'm passing the link along to everyone I know with an interest in history :)
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