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Mar 2017
Yes there are several Middle Eastern Christian groups who identify as Assyrians and rightly so. I'm one of them. As some of you may know, the neo-Assyrian empire adopted the Aramaic alphabet and language and used it and spread it throughout their empire. That's why there are a few million of us Assyrians, around the world, who still speak one dialect or another of Aramaic (also known as Syriac or neo-Syriac). Some of us prefer to identify as Chaldeans or Syriacs, but we are the same people, same culture and language. We have a unique culture, rituals, music, etc. You should try to attend Assyrian (Chaldean or Syriac) church or events, you would be welcomed and you would enjoy it.
I worked with a Chaldean for a few years. He implied that "all" Chaldeans are Christian. Is this true? Or are they a mixture of faiths? You say "church", so I'm guessing Christian?
Jul 2015
I worked with a Chaldean for a couple of years. He would be a Syriac, but not an Assyrian? He was from Mosul (but pronounced it Moo-sel).
Chaldeans and Assyrians are the same people. Yes they're all Christian. The only difference is Chaldeans are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Assyrians are generally from the independent Orthodox Churches (Church of the East and Syriac Orthodox). We're all Syriac but lately Syriac has come to mean the Syriac Catholics or Syriac Orthodox who don't identify themselves as Assyrian. Some number of Chaldeans (I don't know how many) are among those Syriacs who don't identify with the name Assyrian. I hope I don't offend anyone, I'm just trying to explain it based on my knowledge and experience.
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Jul 2015
No he isn't, he's American.

His father claims Assyrian/Iranian heritage but that's not the same thing in my book.

Catch 22's Yossarian claimed to be Assyrian, but that was probably just to bamboozle the brass.
His father is Assyrian from Iran. Assyrian because he speaks Assyrian (neo-Syriac) and is from that Christian community in Iran. There was a sizable Assyrian community in northwestern Iran until most were driven out by Turks, Kurds, and Iranians in 1918. But a few remained and live in Iran until today. Some were kicked out of Iraq more recently and back to Iran, under Saddam.
Jul 2015
Kurds aren't the Medes, aren't the oldest middle eastern peoples nor are they the true "Mesopotamians". The first claim can't be proved, as for them being Medes there is a significant time gap between the heydey of the Medes and the first mention of the Kurds, and as for the third claim.. there aren't any true "Mesopotamians" and the Kurds themselves are heterogeneous.

Those claims among others are probably just to gain a sense of superiority or national pride. Ofttimes the exaltation of a "glorious past" or "great forefathers" is used as a coping mechanism in the face of a not-so-pretty present (maybe like some Lebanese claiming they are Phoenicians).

Those are terrorists. They aren't representatives of any Muslims nor any sect of them.
They are representative of those Muslims who hold a similar viewpoint, namely that any form of culture before the beginning of Islam should be wiped out. A good way of erasing history so that your claim to a particular piece of land which you conquered cannot be debated in the future.
Jul 2015
Akkadian, Phoenician, Arabic are defined as Semitic and the European language were originally defined as Japhetic until it was replace with Indo-European, so the languages and peoples have being fictitiously and inaccurately classified for centuries.

The Ancient Egyptian word for ' Snow' is Talgu , this word first appears in 13th century BCE.

Talqu - Ancient Egyptian
χάλαζα (Chalaza) - Greek
תְּלַג (tĕlag ), Aramaic
שֶׁלֶג (Shalag) - Hebrew
कालक (kAlaka) - Sanskrit
Salagu - Assyrian

What is the ultimate origin?
Interesting, I'm Assyrian and today for snow we say "talga". So I would guess "talgu" comes from Akkadian (Assyrian/Babylonian) or Sumerian.
Jul 2015
Alot of kurds spaminf forums and youtube claiming they are the forefathers to europeans and the oldest people in middle east. That they are the true mesopotamians.

Assyrians can´t be caucasians like the kurds. Martin Luther King used to call the Assyrians for negroid race. I think the Assyrians came from Ethiophia/Eritra to middle east and mixed up whit the Sumerian. No one knows the Sumerian race. The Assyrian and kurds can not be the same, the Assyrians is a mixed race whit sumerian probably negroid. What do you guys think about it.

I even learned the migrations started from middle east to europe and not the otherway, but this kurdish pro history teachers say the came from europe to middle east 8 000 years ago.

Is it true that kurds are medes and are the true mesoptoamians ?

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The Kurds are quite numerous today and took over mostly Assyrian lands over the centuries, from the Hakkari Mountains to Urmia to Jezireh to Nineveh Plain. Throughout history usurpers have tried to justify their forceful takeover of what is not theirs. Kurds have always been merely marauders and plunderers without much contribution to mankind. They play the victim and have been the victimizers of Assyrians since becoming neighbors. Today's Assyrians have historical evidence behind our claims. Sadly we have many detractors that wish us oblivion and extinction. But honest and decent historians are proving our link to our ancient ancestors slowly. As far as the ancient Assyrians and Kurdish historical revisionism, it's a lost cause. Assyrian history is pretty well set up until the fall of the Assyrian Empire. The Kurds are wasting their time. The best story they can come up with is that they are descendants of the Medes which still means they are foreigners to the Assyrian heartland.
Sep 2014
The Kurds live where the Kassites lived. DNA testing shows the Kurdish horse is identical to the Arabian although the Kurds have had quality horses for thousands of years, being a part of the domestication event.


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Sep 2011
Kurds would seem to be generally connected to the Hurrians and Mitanni of ancient history. Which would set them apart form the Assyrians et al. speaking Semitic languages.
Oct 2018
Today's Assyrians in my opinion are a mix of Ancient Semitic people,Anatolians,Caucasian peoples like Hurro-Urartians,Unrecorded European and Western Eurasian peoples and even European Greeks and Romans with some touches of Iranian. Ancient Assyrians wouldn't be any less diverse as well. That's the beauty of Middle East! Everyone is and importantly was mixed in all of recorded History.

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