Assyrian race

Sep 2014
Although the Assyrian civilization was conquered, the people did not die out and were simply absorbed into another group. Their descendants are still around, the same with the Hittites and Illyrians and ancient Egyptians. I have often speculated SOME surviving Hittites made their way to Ireland. So it is very possible Assyrian women made their way into Persian harems to unify the conquered people. History is full of people joining friendly neighbors.
Oct 2018
I've seen Kurdish women/soldiers who do show a mixed ethnicity. View attachment 14714 View attachment 14715
Exactly! Most people use the homogeneous Northern and Western Europe as a yardstick to deduce ethnic compositions of the regions far more diverse than that. It's quite silly IMO! And even these Homogeneous nations also have at least some different origins.

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