Astonished about this painting (not graphic)

Dec 2016
The following painting belongs to the First Carlist War (1833-1840) in Spain. To see it in detail I will post the link of wikipedia:

"Calderote" (First Carlist War) by Ferrer Dalmau

When I was watching this painting in detail I realized and I ask you: who is in the very front line of battle of infantry that caught your attention?

I would like to discuss about it. What do you think about this detail?

PS. If you don't realize about that, I will tell you later, but I think is pretty obvious, an individual rather different from others is there.
Jul 2007
Thanks for this. It's a great piece.

Christianity has a pacifist side, but it is like Janus the two-faced god, it has another side as well. Turn the other cheek ... but sell your cloak and buy a sword. In Rome, soldiers were some of the first to become Christian.

Life is not clearly one way or the other, and neither is Christianity.


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Dec 2010
Armies have always carried their faith into battle with them.
The Wermacht in WW2 had the motto Gott mit uns (God with us) on their belt buckles, even though few of their actions could be considered pious.

Perhaps it is because killing in the name of a deity can be considered less of a sin than killing for prosaic, or even pragmatic, reasons? You know how it is; "Only god can judge you soldier, so pick up that weapon and do something horrific with it. Definitely don't think about it or ask any questions".
Faith makes for great excuses.
Oct 2013
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Religion and war go all the way back --you have pharaoh (a living god) commanding divisions named after the gods, the heavenly or divine mandate has often been invoked by rulers. Also, if you are facing death, it is a comfort to have something to believe in beyond the military ambitions of your generals.


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Jun 2012
Every army wants God on their side. So taking a representative of that God into battle was a logical outcome. Christian armies have had their own clergy for centuries.


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Jan 2010
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I'm more interested in it as a piece of art than as a religious statement. It's a really good painting.

Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau is a living artists who specializes in military and historical paintings. Here is some more of his work:

1 soldiers marching, IDK what country
2 American colonial troops in a swamp
3 calvalry charge
4 Cortez crossing a river
5 calvary charge
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Feb 2016
Spanish monks had a history of participating in wars. They were often in the guerilla against the French 1808-14.

They were key supporters of the Carlist faction in the Carlist war.