At which points the Ottoman Empire could be somewhat turned around?


Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
Mahmud II was undeniably a relatively successful later Ottoman sultan; his policies and reign might have extended
the Ottoman Empire for a few decades.
Unlike some other dynasties in their later stage, the Ottoman Empire still had a few capable sultans after Suleiman
the Magnificent.
Osman II was an enthusiastic and energetic sultan; if he had the luck and patience of Mahmud II, could the Ottoman
Empire be turned around earlier?
Murad IV was known for his bravery in battles while he was somewhat debauched in alcohol and cruelty; let's assume
he was less excessive and lived to be 50 or more, and left a capable heir.
Were there anything beyond the control of Sultans and his court? If so, what are they?
What were the leading factors of the Ottoman stagnation and decline?