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Oct 2016
National Geographic is getting just as moronic as the History Channel. Atlantis was an artificial construct, an allegorical device.
What makes you think every aspect of the story is a construct ? Even an allegory can be based on some factual or historical information.

Eg. a myth amongst the indigenous formed here ; 'This white man called Captain Cook came here in a big boat with sheep and cows in it. They got out and spread all over the country, ruined it ! "

Clearly false, Cook never bought livestock, that came latter with settlement fleet and further supply ships. But Cook did come here and sheep and cows did ruin a lot of the country here.

There are interesting connections with Cadiz . And the mapping in their doco seems to be based on valid archaeological techniques.

What is the evidence that all of the story is an artificial construct ? (Sorry , I am not very familiar with all the textual information about it. )
Aug 2014
Atlantis never existed except in the mind of Plato. It can't be made more simple than that. You can dig up all the lost settlements you want but none of them will be Atlantis. Matt has already given you some threads to start with. Why dredge this nonsense up yet again?

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