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Jun 2010
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not sure if this is the right way of making this known but .....

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center.

The Kensington Runestone: Fact and Fiction

TimeFriday, October 1, 2010 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm
LocationAugustana College Hanson Science Building, Room 102
Rock Island, IL
Created By Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
More Info ---- Join us for the 21st Annual O. Fritiof Ander Lecture in Immigration History, presented by Henrik Williams, Professor of Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University and leading expert in runology and the Viking era.


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Aug 2006
I might be able to make that. Let me check my schedule. If I can make that, I would be more than willing to bring questions to the lecture if you wish.


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Jun 2009
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I would be interested in what the academic thought was concerning the "hooked x" rune, and its relation to other permeations that have been discovered up and down the New England coast.

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