Auschwitz History Course for Teachers 2014 - Krakow November

Jul 2014
Dear All - Teachers & Educators!

We have a pleasure to invite you to attend the third edition of Auschwitz Teachers Training organised by Escape2Poland and Auschwitz Museum, providing excellent opportunity to continue your professional development.

When: 7th-10th November 2014
Where: Krakow - Oswiecim, Poland

The objective of the project is to improve methodological qualifications of the participants and acquaint them with comprehensive knowledge by providing in field training.

The project will help teachers to learn how to approach the difficult subject of Holocaust. Moreover, the participants will have an exceptional opportunity to meet one of the Auschwitz Camp survivors, which will provide an insight into the reality and hardships of life during the World War II.

The variety of training activities will provide the participants with profound knowledge about the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, as well as the Holocaust. It is not only about the facts but also practical knowledge and best methods to apply while working with young people.

The participation will be confirmed by a certificate.

The number of participants is limited. We are still accepting applications.

To find more details and apply please contact:

Jul 2014

This is a last chance to apply!

Visit parts of Auschwitz & Birkenau inaccessible to a regular visitor!

Listen to an in-depth account by a professional English guide!

Meet an Auschwitz Survivor and listen to her story!

Receive a certificate by Auschwitz & Birkenau State Museum!

To find more details on the project and apply, please visit:
Auschwitz Teacher Training Course - Groups

looking forward to your application!
Aug 2015
We are talking about Auschwitz we must not forget that there were murdered many innocent people (including mothers and children). It is our duty to assist people in seeing this place. My Auschwitz Tour also it contains a lot of extra opportunities to a wider knowledge of a particular topic. Already during Aairport Transfers in the car, which drove watched a movie about the Holocaust (very good to find out in advance what places to go and see what's there) Later guide told us stories of individual victims of Nazi Concentration Camp Auschwitz. It is impossible to understand everything in such a short time (visiting Auschwitz is less than 3 hours) Although we had ordered a private guide.
All impacted highly encourage you to visit this museum.

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