Australian history timeline. 1600s to 1696

Mar 2008
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If anyone has anything to add that would be very good i'm hopeing to stimulate some more topics on australian history, and since there is not much on the sight yet i thort i might add something else.

(March) The Dutch of yorks ship Duyfken a small Dutch ship built in the Netherlands. She was a fast, lightly-armed ship probably intended for small valuable cargoes or privateering.
During a voyage of discovery from Bantam (Banten), Java, captained by Willem Janszoon, she encountered the Australian mainland and is The first recorded landfall by an European on Australian soil.

(August): Portuguese seaman Luis Vaez de Torres sails through the Torres Strait, between Australia and New Guinea, along the latter's southern coast. He may well have sighted the northernmost extremity of Australia, although this is not recorded. Torres reported 'shoals', some of which may have been the northernmost atolls of the Great Barrier Reef. The name 'Coste Dangereuse', for the tropical Queensland coast, appears on French charts.

Dutch captain Dirk Hartog in the The Eendracht was an early 17th Century Dutch ship, launched in 1615 in the service of the Dutch East India Company. It was captained by Dirk Hartog when he made the second recorded landfall by a European on Australian soil. At Dirk Hartog Island on the western coast of Australia. Leaves behind the Hartog plate.The Hartog plate was a large round piece of metal much like a plak.

Dutch captain Jan Carstensz navigates the Gulf of Carpentaria aboard the Pera and Arnhem. The Arnhem crosses the Gulf to reach and name Groote Eylandt, is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northeastern Australia.Groote Eylandt lies approximately 50 km from the Northern Territory

1642: Dutch explorer Abel Tasman Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant. explores the west coast of Tasmania.
Van Diemen's Land was the original name used by Europeans for the island of Tasmania, now part of Australia. The Dutch explorer was the first European to explore Tasmania. He named the island Anthoonij van Diemenslandt in honour of Anthony van Diemen, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies who had sent Tasman on his voyage of discovery in 1642.

1688: English explorer William Dampier (English buccaneer) explores the west coasts of Australia. He also has wrote a book about his Voyage entitled VOYAGE TO NEW HOLLAND.

1696: Flemish explorer Willem de Vlamingh ( Dutch sea-captain ) charts the southwestern coast of Australia, making landfall at Rottnest Island and the site of the present-day city of Perth.

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Oct 2008
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Thanks for this. It's always good to learn more about your own country and that there were so many visits to Australia before Cook arrived is something that is probably not known by many Australians. Thanks again
Nov 2008
as someone who doesn't know much about australia, I'm amazing at how many decades of visiting it went by before someone actually settled there

interesting stuff


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..maybe a separate thread for Australia..
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