Austria bans Hijab from primary schools, Islamic intolerance on the rise in as extremists rise to power in Europe?

Aug 2011
The Castle Anthrax
The people from Africa and Asia who are flooding your countries, are mostly trash of our societies, desperate people and failures who are more predisposed towards crimes and have abandoned their families, homeland etc and are driven by greed.
I pity whatever dysfunctional circumstances that have lead you believe that this is an acceptable way to exist in society, to say nothing of the barefaced cheek to publicly state this kind of juvenile hatred.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
So, you don't want people from the Balkans coming to Slovenia either? Or are you only against Third Worlders coming to Slovenia?
I am against mass immigration of any kind. We are a nation of 2 million. 1 600 000 are ethnic Slovenes, some 200 000 mixed, the rest mostly people from former Yugoslav republics. I don't mind, as long as they integrate and assimilate. I had and have friends and aquaintances who either are from the South (meaning former Yugoslavia) or their parents came to Slovenia. We get along just fine, one of my best friends is a muslim Bosniak. What I do mind is people who live here for 20, even 40 years and still didn't bother to learn our language. Also, because there's not a lot of us, immigration makes a big impact sooner than in an 80 mil country like Germany. So it's not just about 3rd worlders or people from the Balkans. Would I want half a million Germans to come live here, or half a million Italians, Russians, or Swedes? Hell no.
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Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
When the economy is doing well and there are plenty of jobs, nobody cares about immigration. Immigrants only become an isue when fringe groups can complain about them taking jobs from locals.


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Oct 2010
[QUOTE="Mastersonmcvoidson, post: 3141468, member: 56560". With that I speak their language, follow their religion and behave like a citizen. It is one thing to have religious freedom and another to publicly behave like you are not in a foreign country. I personally can't see how, for lack of a better term ''enforcing naturalisation'' is Islamophobia.[/QUOTE]

Either you believe in freedom of religion or you don't. Make you mind up.


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Jan 2017
Republika Srpska
Europe CANNOT be compared to Muslim countries. Yeah, they limited a few Muslim things, but they do not really actively discriminate against Muslims. Muslims still have human rights. Can the same thing be said about Christians in Muslim countries? I believe you cannot be a native Christian in Saudi Arabia and in some Muslim countries you cannot leave Islam, otherwise you commit apostasy and can be executed.
Apr 2019
my analysis is that as europe's economy declines, people are voting for extremist right wings who are increasing islamophobia, and targetting the religion to gather more political support

Islamophobia really exists there is no doubt about it but then Islam itself is phobic to many good things including constructive criticism. Why should onus always lie on other religions/cultures to accomodate them? Why it's not other way around?
The problem is not muslims but their religious teachers. I've said it many times that muslims are biggest enemies of the muslims. They are worse sufferers of the terrorism. If someone is holding conferences like this then how can you expect other cultures to be welcoming?

Radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir bans media from 'Unapologetically Muslim' conference in Sydney | Daily Mail Online

People should learn to keep their religion at their home. Religion should be used to nurture your being so that you can nurture the world effecively in return. If a religion creates barriers between different faiths and don't make you a good citizen then what's it's use in this world?

If any religion tries to declare supremacy of their indoctrination and prefers religious laws(Arabian laws in this case) over secular laws of the land then clash is inevitable.
Loyalty to land or to umma, you have to choose one.
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