Austrian Coins in the period of Thirty Years War (and other coins)

Jul 2007
I am a member of historical reenactment group in Czech Republic and I am searching for a mint, that can make some replicas of historical coins. It would be best if it can make an Austrian coins from the period of Thirty Years War (that is the coins of Matthias II, Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III) or a Dutch coin ( that were seen all over the commercial world during that period.

Can anyone help me please? In my country I can order only the coins of the
Protestant League and I cant find a mint, which has a stamping die for theese Austrian and Dutch coins.


Forum Staff
Aug 2006
I would not have the slightest clue on where to begin. I would just contact as many places that mints coins as you can find. That maybe your best bet for now.
Jul 2007
Thank you very much but I have already wrote some letters to the larger mints and if they have the stamping die, they are making only the golden replicas (I will wrote another email, if they can make some replica from anything other then gold for common use in a historical scene) Than I began searching the help in several forums. There must be anyone who knows where to buy it.