Aztec countermeasures against arquebus

Oct 2011
I found it claimed that Aztecs did develop some countermeasures against arquebuses. What were those?
May 2019
Fighting in the rain would have helped, but I have no idea if the Aztecs were savvy to this. Would be interesting to know if they were able to plan any of their battles to incorporate that...
Aug 2019
The main impact of the few arquebuses used by the conquistadors was psychological, so the logical countermesaure was to accept it was not a "magical weapon" and that its real impact on the battlefield was limited.
As shot goes, at first aztecs seems to be equally or more annoyed by the crossbows, and those were deadlier because there were more of them; and as countermeasure the aztecs started to bring to battle those of their range of shields more apt to protect them from proyectiles.