Back to Eden or Road to Hell ?

Dec 2015
He did not have family there nor any money coming in... The photo is a picture of him coming back to his country of origin to visit his family and bring them gifts
Again, and? Assuming that this is true, is he middle class, or just poor with some more leeway?

41% is not really "nearly half".... 59% are not poor and that's a majority...
4 out of 10 people are in poverty. That's not particularly reassuring.


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I'll just humor this and say not many degrees, even hard science degrees, have the return as they used to. More people are getting into medical school, law school, and graduate school just to increase their chances and inflation is already impacting those spheres of academia.
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So this is the fine lady who caused all the mess....

Lillian Green is a self-described native Portlander and a lifelong learner who is eager to be part of the incredible work on equity in Oregon’s newly emerging Early Learning System. She recently joined the Early Learning Division (ELD) as the new Equity Director.

Self described native Portlander ? What does this mean ?
Equity director ? Does Equity include getting people fired for complying with closing time ?

In regular speak it seems to mean that she does useless work which is probably paid for by the taxpayer.... She seems well fed there so her getting food after closing hours was not a life or death situation.... she could have survived until the morning on her reserves


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Also, the bakery is hosting a “reparations happy hour” on June 20 where “Black, Brown & Indigenous people” can get free money & meet in a safe space. Whites not allowed to attend but can donate to reparations cause.

If what Ngo says is true, this is discrimination

“Reparations Happy Hour” has been renamed to “Reparations Power Hour” because name was triggering to those w/alcoholism. New location picked after organizer Cameron Whitten cancelled at Back to Eden Bakery. He says bakery is racist & anti-black. Whites still not allowed to attend


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An interview with Andy Ngo who followed this incident... he makes the point towards the end that this is not an isolated incident



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So one more incident of a person being fired just for pronouncing the wrong word...

A top Netflix executive is out after using the N-word

"Leaders have to be beyond reproach in the example we set and unfortunately I fell short of that standard when I was insensitive in speaking to my team about words that offend in comedy," the tweet reads. "I feel awful about the distress this lapse caused to people at a company I love and where I want everyone to feel included and appreciated."

So what ? he was saying that "this word offends".....and because he pronounced said word that was enough to fire him ???

It recounts an incident that occurred "several months ago" when Friedland used the N-word during a meeting with Netflix public relations staff during a discussion about "sensitive words." Several people told him they were offended by his use of the full word, according to Hastings's memo.

this is starting the head the way of an inquisition (well torture is not being used ....yet....)... and even though he recanted his heresy he was still punished

The top exec commented

For non-Black people, the word should not be spoken as there is almost no context in which it is appropriate or constructive (even when singing a song or reading a script).

Interestingly this guy does not even realize that he finds it perfectly OK to discriminate (and censor) in the name of ending discrimination (so based on your skin color you may or may not pronounce certain words according to this guy).... We had Harry Potter's "he who cannot be named" now we have "that which cannot be pronouced"
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Does that mean Conrads classic work "The Nigger of the Narcissus" cannot be mentioned, or the name of Guy Gibson's dog, or Twain's character Jim?
The reading of evil books will soon lead to re education for those who are so obviously not showing enough sensitivity to the needs of our new religion... Soon the mere mention of such heretic works and by extension authors will also be a crime.... and a good book burning - if only virtual- shall be in order....

Mark Twain: Inexcusable racist or man of his time?

A decision by a Nevada state panel sheds light on another descriptor for the American man of letters held by many, even today: racist.

Jeff Kintop, chairman of the state's naming board, told The Times that postponing the vote included a debate about the politics of naming present-day sites after people whose views have come to be considered controversial.

"We talked about whether we should change the places named after Washington and Jefferson, who were slave-holders," he said. "

Jim represents the social and racial dictums of the times, which in term reflects Mark Twain’s racism. Furthermore, his realistic interpretation of the times conveys Twain’s own worldview concerning racial matters. Mark Twain, although antislavery, is a racist, which he displays by his belittlement of African-American culture, general exoneration of southern white culture, and his dismissive portrayal of Jim

Harper Lee and Mark Twain banned by Minnesota schools over racial slurs

Novels by Harper Lee and Mark Twain have been pulled from school syllabuses in Minnesota over fears their use of racial slurs will upset students.

The Duluth school district said it was removing To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from its curriculum because their content may make students feel "humiliated or marginalised".

The funny think about all this is that soon people will feel humiliated or marginalized by most anything and then what will the censors do ? I mean if someone fell humiliated by christianity or islam or judaism or buddhism.. they'll have to close down all them temples (actually in some countries they've already started to hide crosses).... That'll be fun to watch

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