Barbary Coast & Enslavement of White Christians


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Sep 2007
Pirate Muslims (Arabs, Barbaris and Turks) ruled the Medi and and Northeastern Atlantic for centuries. This is not the most interesting thing of the era. What matters is the abduction and enslavement of White Christians including the Spanish, French, Italians, Germans, British and even Icelanders... Furthermore, there is this stunning topic in Iceland history called ' The Turkish Abduction' ; that hundreds of Icelander were abducted by Turkish pirates. Well in fact, It was the Dutch pirate Jan Janszoon van Harlem who used the Ottoman banner when pillaging British Islands or Iceland whilst using the Dutch banner in Iberia ~ Many more like that...

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Jan 2007
The Sack Of baltimore 1631

All, all asleep within each roof alang the street'
and these must be the lovers, friends, with gently gliding feet,
a stifled gasp, a dreamy noise ! the roof is in flame
from out their beds and to their doors rush maid and sire and dame,
and meet upon the threshold stone the gleaming sabre's fall,
and oe'r each black and bearded face the white or crimson shawl,
the yell "ALLAH!" breaks above the prayer, and shriek, and roar,
O blessed God ! the Algerian is lord of Baltimore.

Jan Janszoon aka Murat Reis raided baltimore in 1631 and abducted 108 English planters.
Perhaps they were betrayed by irish locals who resented their presence ? Who knows ? But they almost certainly ended up in north Africa somewhere as someones slave, poor sods.
Jul 2008
I seem to recall that Barbary pirates captured one of Charles II ships in the Irish Sea, which was bad, what was worst for Charlie was that on board was the soldiers who were garrisoning Ireland, pay. All in coin, poor Charlie, happy pirates.


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Sep 2007
Thanks to the pirates, most of North Africa recognized the suzerainty of Ottoman Empire, say, Algeria, was granted the status of Beylik (sanjak) and remained Turkish until the French accretion ~

I wonder whether Barbarossa really had red beard. Thou the name Barbarossa is the discomposed version of Baba Oruç, many claims he indeed had red beard ~ He was born in Midilli -Turkish for Lesbos ~ Lesbos was deployed with Turks in order to turkify the island along with the Christian community thereof. His mother was Christian Greek ~
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Apr 2008
Sodom and Begorrah
here is a link with some basic info on the Barbary pirates which has lots of other links
On 16th of July 1627, 300 Algerian pirates attacked Vestmannaeyjar. The pirates spent three nights there. They captured people, tied them on their hands and feet, killed the ones who fought back and went after the people who had fled to the mountains. They captured 234 people and brought them to Algeria, they killed 36 people but 200 people were able to hide. This was a very tragic event in the history of Vestmannaeyjar and of course also for all Iceland. Later other pirates attacked other places in Iceland."
so they gave the vikings a dose of their own medicine

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