Battle of Vaslui, 1475 - Animated history video

Feb 2018
the Map Room
I've made a fully animated video about the Battle of Vaslui, fought between the army of Moldavia and the Ottoman Empire on January 10th 1475. Though information on the battle is available in written form, I can't think of a documentary in English that mentions it. Let me know what you think.

Apr 2017
Well done, Sir. I like how you revealed the positions of the troops slowly as the battle progressed rather than everything at the start.
You still have some work ahead of you but eventually you'll have many patrons to recognize your hard work.
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Feb 2018
the Map Room
Thank you for your kind words. Yes, since Stefan's plan was to surprise and ambush the Ottomans, the idea with the video was to leave the viewer guessing (unless they already know how the battle went), much like the Ottomans were left guessing until it was too late.
Dec 2010
Well done, HistoryMarche!

An interesting, fact-filled video from start to finish. Besides the information itself, I liked the way your narration had some energy in it, but wasn't overdone. Some presentations I've watched also had interesting topics, but the narrators sounded like they were taking way too much Xanax. The captions were also very helpful. What program did you use? My FCPX doesn't have that feature.

250 views, but only two people have commented so far. Whatever the explanation for that, it's not because of your video's quality.

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