Battle of Vukovar


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Apr 2015
That the battle of Vukovar has been misinterpreted in various manners to suit various agendas is true, but to say that it didn't happen at all... I mean, have you tried asking any older neighbour? It's not exactly medieval history.
Sep 2016
If you really want to know what happened at Vukovar, then go there, find people who lived there during the war and ask them. I'm quite sure this will be a very enlightening experience.
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Oct 2017
I think you should first abandon your theory about how the existence of bombs is an extraordinary claim.
How is that "a theory"? Isn't that an obvious fact, an axiom? If not, how do you define an "extraordinary claim"?
Anyway, I'll be cheeky here and assume the OP isn't actually a Croat.
Then I probably wouldn't have studied Croatian toponyms so much, don't you think?
Why would a dragon, a fire-breathing creature, risk attacking a water tower?
And why would a bomb? Most bombs also aren't supposed to work well in water, right?
Can you also cook and do kung foo based on these accolades?
Well, I can cook, though it has nothing to do with these accolades. And, no, I can't do kung foo. Why do you ask? Can you?
I mean, have you tried asking any older neighbour?
Yes, I have. They generally responded with something like: "Are you crazy? Do you want somebody to kill you when you say such politically provocative things? And what do you even mean the Battle of Vukovar didn't happen? At the time of the battle, there was even a bomb that fell here, in this street, and killed a child. Are you telling me that also didn't happen?" I don't know what to think. It all seems just so unreal to me, so hard to imagine...
Oct 2017
Based on what we are taught in school, if dragons exist, they probably aren't sentient either. Dragons and reptiles. Only birds and mammals have enough complicated neural system to be able to feel pain. But, we are also taught that the Battle of Vukovar happened (and the textbooks seem to imply that there are no controversies about that), so, who knows.


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Mar 2013
How do they know how to kidnap princesses if they aren't sentient? I doubt a gerbil even knows the difference between a Republic and a Monarchy.
Oct 2017
Dragons existing doesn't mean the stories of them kidnapping people are true, any more than the wolves existing implies that the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale is true.

Anyway, what do historians mean when they say that there is no evidence of the resurrection of Christ or that it's an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence? To me, the arguments people use to prove the existence of bombs sound the same as the arguments people use to prove the Resurrection, it's just an appeal to miracle and using the unknown to explain the unknown.
Oct 2017
You think everyone lied?
Er, no. I am not saying there is a conspiracy, some stories simply become popular among ignorant people. Do you think there was ever a giant conspiracy convincing people that dragons existed? People might have exploited the story of Minotaurus for their own gains (Minos might have used him as an excuse to kill people he didn't like), but that's not how mythology originates for the most part.
You haven't explained why a dragon, a fire-breathing creature, would attack a water tower. You only deflected.
Again, because it's probably not sentient. Much like some butterflies fly into fire, even though it kills them. Only birds and mammals are probably sentient.