Battles in which both commanders died

Sep 2009
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Greeting from a rookie

This has been driving me nuts and maybe you people can help...
I've been trying to think of battle in which both of the opposing commanders did not survive. I can only come up with four.

Kosovo (1389) - Tsar Lazar died in battle and Sultan Murad I was killed while touring the battlefield
Monogahela (1755) - Edward Braddock and Lienard de Beaujeau
Quebec (1759) - James Wolfe and Marquis de Montcalm
Okinawa (1945) - Simon Buckner died in battle and Mitsuru Ushijima commited suicide

There has to be other, but I can't think of any.

Very interesting site, by the way
Jun 2009
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First one that came to mind was Quebec, with Wolfe and Montcalm. Other than that I honestly can't think of any. Good question.


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Oct 2009
During the Battle of Telamon, fought between the Roman Republic and the Gauls in 225 BC, the Roman commander Regulus and the Celtic warlord Aneroestes were counted amongst the casualties. The other Celtic leader, Concolitanus, was captured and later executed in Rome.That's the only other one I can think of.
Nov 2009
The Battle of Alcacer Quibir, in Morocco fought on 4 August 1578 between King Sebastian of Portugal with his ally Abu Abdallah Mohammed against the King of Morocco Abd-Al Malik, it's know as the Battle of the Three Kings.

The strenght was 23.000 portuguese, 3.000-6.000 moorish allies and 40 cannons. The moorish king had 40.000 men and 34 cannons.
In the end the losses were for Portugal and allies 9.000 dead and 16.000 captured including the dead of the king Sebastian and his ally king. The losses on the moors were unknown but the king was also dead in the heat of battle.

After the battle Portugal lost independence for the spanish for 60 years.
Nov 2009
The legend says that Serbian hero Miloš Obilić infiltrated turk camp and killed Murat.Then at the end of batle Murat"s son Bajazit executed Car Lazar!


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Oct 2009
I guess this discussion is pretty much closed...but at the Battle of Clontarf (1014 AD) both Brian Boru and his son Murchad - the Irish commanders - and the Viking jarls they were fighting were killed.
Dec 2009
Both Nicholas Zrinsky (Croatian) and Suleiman the Magnificent (Turkish) died at the battle of Szigetvar (1566), even if the Sultan reportedly from non-combat causes.
Jan 2010
At Trafalgar Horatio Nelson died and Pierre de Villeneuve was captured. Not not exactly killed but it comes close