Bayonet: A short movie about WW2

Apr 2018
Hi all,
A friend of mine who has a deep interest in World War 2 is directing a short movie... Bayonet.
While he still young, I think that his concept is quite good and, since we are in the last 24 hours of his Kickstarter project, I have decided to pledge and look for a forum with other people who have passion for World War 2, since I thought it could be a project of interest...

I know you might think this as shameless on my part, but my friend Alex is so passionate about his interest for History (and World War 2 in particular) and his project is so near to make it and would be really a pity if it would fail:

What I am asking you is just to give a brief look at his project (and his movie Facebook page) and see if you might like it...and if you like it, please help the project of these young film-makers to "fly"! :)

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