Berlin at Friedrichstrasse

Jun 2012
I recently learned that at Friedrichstrasse during the division of Berlin, the Eastern side had a special passage leading to a door marked "Dienst". This route led to West Berlin and allowed Stasi agents to secretly enter the West and Western Communists to visit the East.

Does anybody have further information about this?
Apr 2010
evergreen state, USA
Before the wall went up, anyone could go back and forth. After the wall there was still passage for legitimate visitors, such as tourists with passports. Elderly Germans could go back and forth. I knew one West Berliner, who was retired, who went fishing/angling in the east because it was quieter over there. We uniformed American soldiers had to wear our uniforms and be on official tours. The S-bahn system was owned by the East, but anyone could ride in it. Just make sure you knew where you were, and don't end up in the east. I mean, German civilians rode back and forth, but had proper ID, etc.
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