Best Armour in Historical Warfare?


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Jun 2012
Thanks Dan, I really do not know anything about armor, and I had no idea that was heavier than metal armor, do you know books, articles or essays with info on armor and weapons of Mayans and Aztecs.

edit: Im reading the paper The macuahuitl: an innovative weapon of the Late Post-Classic in Mesoamerica, about the macuahuitl this is a good source?
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Jul 2019
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My favorite is Milanese armor because of its good level of protection and mobility.

If we speak about favorite helmets, I'll give my choice to armets, because they protect a face fully and provide good visibility and ventilation.
May 2019
I'd say the Germans had the best helmets during WW1 (although their body armour was quite cumbersome, but then again so was most peoples at that time). The Stahlhelm seems to have been made of thicker steel than the British Brody, and offered better protection at the back and sides. I don't know much about the French Adrians, but looking at the shape, the Stahlhelm still wins for me with that extra protection down the back.