Best Front Man of a Pop/Rock Group?

Jan 2018
Geddy Lee - singing, playing the bass/keyboards and foot pedals - all at the same time. Gotta go with the best live show I have ever seen - Rush.
Jan 2015
Front Lines of the Pig War
Freddie Mercury and Angus Young spring to mind. Any interesting others?
Did You mean Bon Scott?

What's your criteria?
Charismatic showman? Powerful vocals?

To add a few progressive bands

Genesis - Peter Gabriel
Uriah Heep - David Byron
Deep Purple - Ian Gillian
Renaissance - Annie Haslam
King Crimson - John Wetton, Greg Lake
Jan 2018
Sturgeon Lake Mn.
There once was a little band from Memphis--Bill Black on bass, Scotty Moore on guitar, DJ Fontana the drummer and a pretty good "front man" ( which I take it is the new small talk for singer)...

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Oct 2009
San Diego
In terms of shows played, hit songs, longevity of a single act, and plain energy and appeal... no one comes close to Mick Jagger.

You may like other frontmen more- but objectively, he's held his group together longer, produced more hits over a longer period, had more tours, and sold more tickets than any other performer.

Bob Dylan has had similar longevity- producing more hit songs and more recently so- but he is essentially a solo act and so not the frontman for a single band.