Best historical movies of the last decade with a medieval/ancient setting

Feb 2019
As the title says, what are your favorite antiquity/medieval themed historical movies from the last decade? I can hardly find quality ones...
Jun 2017
Braveheart (1995---too early?) Gladiator ("quality" is in the eye of the beholder-- I even named my dog Maximus). The Vikings (recent tv movie/series--appalling history but a relatively good picture of a culture that is often undervalued).
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Feb 2019
I recently saw both parts of Red Cliff and it was pretty good. A few characters where way too OP for my taste, but I suppose it's not entirely blamable considering how nigh-contemporary writers described them "Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were referred to as mighty warriors capable of fighting thousands of enemies :upsidedown:"

I plan to watch Agora too(has anyone here watched it?), and can't wait for Medieval to come out! Medieval (2019) - IMDb
Mar 2016
I plan to watch Agora too(has anyone here watched it?)
The production value, costumes and visuals are absolutely fantastic, possibly the second best Roman-era bit of media I've ever seen (the first being The Passion of the Christ), but unfortunately the writing is not very good. It takes an overly simplistic view of the conflict between the pagans and Christians (and also the Jews, I suppose), where the pagans are shown as being morally perfect while the Christians are only barely short of mustache-twirling cartoon villains. Still, divorced from real history it's a very good film. It's not a film I would say is dumb or shallow, even if historically it's a bit misleading and biased. Sort of how I feel about Kingdom of Heaven, too.
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Jun 2018
New York
The Last Kingdom

Arn- The Knight Templar


For TV I have to mention The Last Kingdom