Best military performance - post age 60

Jun 2010
What are some of the best campaigns/battles orchestrated by someone over the age of 60.
Also which commander has the best resume overall post age 60, ignoring everything they've done before that point.
May 2018
He is much maligned, but I believe Lord Raglan performed fairly well in the Crimean War considering his age and disability. Raglan was certainly no Wellington (Raglan was kind of Wellington's protege), but he won at Alma, Inkerman and arguably Balaclava (people who hold Raglan in much less regard than myself have argued Balaclava was a British victory). In the three pitched battles he commanded the British Army, at worst he won two, and drew one. At best, he won all three.

Above Raglan by far would be Colin Campbell, who commanded with distinction in Crimea over the age of 60, and also successfully put down the Indian Mutiny.

Above both of them, by far, would be Helmuth von Motlke the Elder, who successfully won the Franco-Prussian War at age 70. Moltke is probably the best "over 60" general, although Paul von Hindenburg won at Tannenburg over age 60.

An interesting note would be General Joseph Wheeler, who served as a general in the Confederate Army, and, over 30 years later, served in the U.S. Army as a general in the Spanish American War and actively led troops on the front lines.

But Moltke, who was born in 1800, has the Second Schleswig War, the Austro-Prussian War and the Franco-Prussian War all over the age of 60. I can't think of any other general who can beat this record after the age of 60.
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Nov 2018
One of the Diadochi made it into their 9th decade. Antigonus One-eye was killed at the battle of Ipsos at the age of 81 and had, until then, not lost a battle.
I was about to mention him, but you beat me to that individual.

To make myself feel good, he may have been only 80. Yes I'm quibbling over nothing................

Lord Oda Nobunaga

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Jan 2015
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This is an interesting one. Wondered about it from time to time. Foch, Joffre and Hindenburg were all older than 60. Ludendorff was in his 50's during the war.
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Feb 2011
Gaiseric was around 80 when he oversaw the defeat of the joint Roman invasion of Africa in 468 at Cap Bon.

Narses was in his mid - seventies at least while defeating Ostrogoths and Franks in the 550s.