Best places to live in history: hypothetical

Nov 2016
Lets assume you are immortal like the protagonist in the film "The Man from Earth". Where would you chose to live in each century assuming you wish to live in the most 'civilized' city available.. with the most interesting culture, art, best sanitation, most personal freedom, least plagues, best medical knowledge etc... Lets say religious persecution is avoided by converting to whichever religion is dominant. When would you move to each location and why?



Rome vs Han Dynasty

Baghdad in 9th century

Cordoba : Andalusian Spain
Florence in the Renaissance
Spain in the age of discovery

Paris/ Northern England in the Scientific revolution

England in the Industrial Revolution
New York in the late 20th century
Toronto in the 21st?
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Oct 2016
sounds like a lot of moving around.

I think Iberia would be a nice combination of weather and civilization but they've had wars and conflict (Moors, Napoleon, civil wars).
I understand much of the Mediterranean was scourged by muslim pirates in medieval times.

I would think London UK for most of the last few hundred years (after the fire and before the world wars), then move to New York. maybe the US Southeast once Air Conditioning was invented!

if you weren't much for technology the US Pacific NW would be great. moderate climate, plenty of food, peaceful neighbors.


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Dec 2012
How about Japan during the 16th and 17th centuries? I have this notion that during this time the Japanese far surpassed the rest of the world, Europe especially, in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.