Best source for the Battle of Vitoria 21 June 1813

Jun 2016
Yes I understand your point and in other subjects I read the other side some of my favourites were Storm of Steel, Japanese Destroyer Captain, etc.

Ah yes the notes on Wellington's regiments is excellent.
Feb 2016
Also, you might consider, if you haven’t read them already try...
adventures in the rifle brigade AND
Random Shots from a Rifleman by Captain John Kincaid.

A Dorset Rifleman: Recollections of Rifleman Harris. By Benjamin Harris.

Rifleman Costello - Edward Costello.
These all served in the 95th, though Harris was disabled after Walcheren he includes many anecdotes related to him by friends who carried on after him. The 52nd feature in many of the memories.

British Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars

If you scroll down their are a couple of 52nd memoirs out there... though tracking them down might be hard. Ewart, Dobbs and the Dawson’s letters might prove a goldmine for you.