Best Tricks In Ancient History Warfare?

Oct 2013
When the Vikings under Bjorn Ironside invaded Italy, they tried to take a town called Luni. (which they believed to be Rome)
After being unable to breach the walls, the Vikings sent messengers to the Bishop to say that, being deathly ill one of their leaders had a deathbed conversion and wished to receive Christian sacraments within their church.
He was brought into the chapel with a small honor guard,then suprised everyone by leaping from his stretcher.
The Viking party hacked their way to the gates, opened them and let the rest of the army in.
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Oct 2007
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Again with Hannibal, this time in the last couple years of his life, he lured the numerically superior fleet of Eumenes II into close quarters against his squadron of Bithynians in the Sea of Marmara, and after sending a blank letter to Eumenes’ ship to identify which one to most heavily target, Hannibal catapulted earthenware jars onto the Pergamunian vessels. This was initially received with laughter and mild confusion by the targets, but that changed quickly when they realized the jars were filled poisonous snakes!

Chinese military history is rife with examples of elaborate deceptions. One resourceful act not unlike Hannibal I remember reading of was administered by one T’ien Tan in c. 279 BCE while defending a city in the State of Qi: in this particular case, flammable reeds were attached to the tails of 1,000 cattle, to which blades were attached to their horns and dressed in elaborate red cloth to give an appearance of dragons! The defending soldiers salvoed behind these stampeding fire ‘dragons’ with blades protruding. The besiegers were indeed scattered.

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