Best War movie of all time

Best War movie of all time?

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Apr 2016
Raleigh, NC
Poly does good service in raising the issue of what a war movie is. I'd like a better sense of his definition of "war movie", by giving an example or two of ambiguous films that are war movies, with an explanation of the decision rule.

I'd disagree, for example, with the notion that only wars between modern nation-states should count as war movies. After all, Caesar wrote a best-seller for 2,000 years, called The Gallic Wars. I'd be hard-pressed not to call a film of Shakespeare's Henry V a war movie. Nation-states are kind of just big tribes.

I've been watching The Wars of the Three Kingdoms on YouTube. I first read about it on this forum, watched a few episodes, and got hooked. It's set in the 2nd/3rd c. CE in China, and is as thoroughly a war movie as I can imagine. And for TotalAaron above, Cao Cao did lots wrong!!!
Apr 2016
Raleigh, NC
TotalAaron, you're just looking at all the good stuff. OK, so Cao Cao was brilliant. He could read people well enough to know how to inspire service from them. He could be charming. He wasn't sadistic -- he killed people for tangible benefits, not because he enjoyed it. He recognized and liked virtue in other people, so that he did seem to regret killing them. And he argued that no one appreciated him because he protected the Han emperor and made major strides towards uniting the kingdom. In other words, he was a great psychopath. But you have to be more ruthless than I am not to find his deceit and murders meet a decent definition of "wrong".

I, on the other hand, am a sucker for sanctimony, so one of the things keeping me hooked is trying to figure out whether Lui Bei is for real or the ambitious hypocrite his enemies claim. His allies don't seem to do very well.:suspicious:
Jun 2018
Tromso, norway
Der Untergang is my favorite war movie. It is well acted, and everything is perfect. For entertainment i prefer Where Eagles Dare :)
For war Romance, I like both version of A Farewell to Arms. However , I prefer Holden's take on the story in Force of Arms.
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