Biblical Kinship


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Feb 2013
portland maine
The role of Kinship is important in the Christian bible, the Torah, and the Qoran

The kinship I have always been fascinated is between Ishmael son of Abraham and Hagar, his hand maiden, and Issac his son from his wife Sarah. In the Koran Ibraham agrees to sacrifice his son Ishmael, The Torah says Issac. Then Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael into the desert. They are saved by an act of god. There is all this tension between the 2 families. The children of Ismael will lead a great kingdom, as Isaac will be the father a great nation the Israelites. (Jesus is somehow connected to this by King David and Jacob.) At an “a good aged year” Abraham dies. The only 2 people there are Ishmael and Issac. At this point it seems there is an opportunity for the 2 sons to bond. Obviously history tells a different story. At a one to one level my Muslim friends know I am Jewish and see me as a cousin.( I do not take the bible literally but interpret it as a way to help me understand ethical and moral situations)
I think this interpretation may have to do with being origin stories. If so what might have been more important then kinship?