Big Chief Bowels

Jul 2017
Bill was working for the federal government in the old west. His job was to get
Indian tribes to give up their land and move out. He goes to "pitch" Chief Bowels. The Chief says "Bowels no move."

Bill has an identical twin brother named Bob. Bob is a doctor dedicated to helping. He goes to see the Chief. The Chief, thinking Bob is Bill, says "Bowels no move." The doctor leaves him a powerful laxative. A few months later Bob comes again, the Chief says "Bowels still won't move." Bob gives him more laxative.

A few months later Bob comes again. Chief Bowels says, "Bowels gotta move, tepee heap full of ****!"


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Oct 2011
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Walking in Memphis ... [Cher will pardon me for this mention!].

But actually ... is this "Bob" a threat for the national security of this or that country, or what?

If it's "what" ... ok, let's enjoy this ...

P.s. this is typical Italian humor. If excessive or out of context ... moderators can censor it.


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