Birthday History Game

Oct 2014
California, USA
This is just for fun. There's this TV show called Sense 8 on netflix which has 8 characters who are psychically linked. They can talk to each other no matter where they are, feel what the other characters are feeling, "visit" each other and see what the other characters see, or even temporary take over the other characters bodies to help them. All of them were born on the same day (and same year).

So, imagine you were in some sort of perilous situation and you could choose 7 people from history who were born on the same day as you (not same year) to have that sort of psychic connection with. Who would you choose? (Remember, you're stuck with them the rest of your life. Oh, but you get to visit their time period that's a plus.).

You can find people born on your birthday here:

Famous People's Birthday

or here...
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Oct 2014
California, USA
I'd choose..
1. Anthony Mundine
Austrailian Boxer - for fighting skills

2.Andrei Sakharof
Father of Soviet Nuclear Bomb - for scientific skills

3. Romain Gary
French Diplomat who also served in the air force in would know how to fly a plane

4. Albrecht Durer
German painter born in 1400's mainly cause I want to visit that time period.

5. Loretta Lynch
Attorney General - in case I needed legal help

6. Alexander Pope
18th centurey English poet...cause wow how fascinating would that be.

7. Fatts Waller
Jazz pianist - cause who wouldn't want to be able to play like that, once and a while. Boxer)
Feb 2015
I'd choose:

I. Napoleon Bonaparte
French Emperor/General - for strategic help

II. Julia Child
20th century chef - who wouldn't want some nice food?

III. Louis de Broglie
Physicist - to get a free A in physics class

IV. Carl Edwards
Race car driver - so I can learn how to not cause mass wrecks

V. Oscar Peterson
Legendary jazz pianist - so I can play some snazzy music to pick up girls

VI & VII. Sadly I can't find anyone else interesting, so perhaps myself in two alternate realities