Bizarre toponyms and demonyms

Aug 2013
List of places (inhabited & uninhabited) and tribes (extinct & extant) whose names (current & obsolete) are literally bizarre/dystopian/ridiculous/scary/etc.:

Arimaspi (Ἀριμασποί, "one-eyed", a tribe in Scythia)
Calvary (calvaria, "skull", a site in Jerusalem)
Cantharolethros (κανθαρώλεθρος, "death to beetles", a place in Thrace)
La Mort aux Juifs ("death to Jews", a hamlet in Loiret)
Melambium (μελάμβιον, "dark life", a place in Thessaly)
Struthophagi (Στρουθοφάγοι, "ostrich-eaters", a tribe in Ethiopia)

Please expand.


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Fiumelatte [literally "River of milk"], it's a village on Lake of Como.

Paperino ["Donald Duck" ... yes, the Disney personage in Italy carries a common name ... meaning "little duck"]

Occhiobello [Beautiful eye]

Donnadolce [Sweet woman]

Femminamorta [Dead female - !!!!]

Purgatorio [Purgatory]

Campodimele [Apples field]

Belsedere [Nice bum]

Casa Del Diavolo [Devil's Home]


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Peor es Nada : (Spanish for Worse would be nothing), this is the actual name of a village on the side of the panamerican highway in south central Chile.

Metrenco: (Mapudungun meaning place of putrid water) A small village in the Araucania region of Chile.

Vallenar: This small city in the the north of Chile was named in the 19th century in honor of our national liberators father, Don Ambrose O'higgins, an irishman who became a viceroy of Peru in the 18th century, the town was named phonetically to resemble his true hometown of Ballenary Ireland (County Sligo).

Bonus points for idiocy, Las Condes: A district of Santiago and a city in itself, is grammatically incorrect as the plural for the counts (nobility title) in its male form does not match the female Las in Spanish.
Apr 2015
La Mort aux Juifs ("death to Jews", a hamlet in Loiret)
In fact, "Mort aux Juifs" may be translated as "Death to Jews" as well as "Jews' Death".

Research has shown the original name was in fact "Pool of Manure" ("Mare à purin" in french), where the french "purin" is substituted with a local term "juin". With some phonetic shiftings (Mare -> Mort and Juin -> Jui ->Juif), the "Mare à Juin" became the "Mort aux Juifs".


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Let's see what I can find from Slovenia ...

Ritoznoj (ass sweat), a place known after the local Ritoznojčan wine (is good).
Divje Babe (wild women), a cave where the oldest musical instrument was found.
Pedrovo (peder is equivalent to the English f word for gays, so meaning something like gay's place), a settlement
Ščavnica (piss), a river
Poden (floor), a settlement
Lopata (shovel), a settlement
Lava (lava), part of the town of Celje)
Svinja (swine), Slovene name for a mountain on the Austrian side of Carinthia
Črnci (blacks), a settlement
Lačna Gora (hungry mountain), a settlement
Pekel (hell), a cave

Croatia has some funny names too:
Pofuki (f*ck it, imperative), a settlement
Babina Guzica (old woman's ass), an island
Kurba Mala (little b*tch), an island
Kurba Vela (big b*tch), an island

I can't post a picture of F*cking (Austria) as all urls seem to include the name of the place and Historum censors it automatically ... Anyway, yes, F*cking in Austria. Aparently their village sign gets stolen a lot ...
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