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May 2008
Yes, I can imagine it. In my opinion, it depends on who is saying what. One man, a radio host named Steve Harvey who my mom listens to in the morning, makes generalizations like this about both men and women every morning during his "Strawberry Letter". Yet he is not sacked within 24 hours. Plenty of public figures make broad generalizations, yet they aren't sacked because of not only who they are, but how they say it. Chris Rock makes fun of blacks a lot, George Lopez does the same with Hispanics. Is this okay? Is it okay because they are comedians?
Yeah, you've got the 'shock jock' stuff goin' over there haven't ye, Howard Stern and the like .. this is healthy too in it's own way I suppose, it functions like a safety valve to let some of the steam off. A lot of these guys can be genuinely funny as it's only natural to laugh when someone else is getting poked .. the use of ris-kay material is their specialty and there'll always be a market for that.

Some comedians are very astute social commentators in their own right, Chris Rock can be very funny .. this is a good arena in which to hammer out these type of things too & many of these guys are experts on upending stereotypes, if it makes you laugh chances are they've stumbled on a seldom-aired half-truth which has been otherwise suppressed.

Political public figures are a different ball game. We had a mayor here recently who said on radio that he wasn't going to be dealing with Africans any longer because they were "aggressive and ill-mannered";

Naas mayor refuses to represent black Africans |

Here's what happened;

Darren Scully resigns as Mayor of Naas - RT News

Basically, the public excoriated him and made his position untenable, ran him out of office. Promoting negative stereotypes about any racial minority is generally a major no-no when you expect to be 'taken seriously' - unlike comedians.
Mar 2019
I don't know about African American women but many African women can be a little...lame in their behavior. If you're a "white" man (especially these from the Mediterranean area) they come to you and ask directly your number for date like if you will normally accept. It's funny

Of course I don't count here eastern African but I don't know if we can consider them as black