Black Sails

Nov 2014
I find the show amusing, but nothing special at the same time. I love 17th,18th century pirate era and that's the only reason I watch it. I would love if HBO would made a pirate series, that would be historically accurate and "game-of-thronish".
Aug 2013
just finished season 1 last night and I'm looking forward to season 2. While it wasn't fantastic (IMO), it was pretty interesting and at times actually had me curious as to what they would do next. I think Vane is the most interesting character on the show (also Eleanor..). I'm not watching it for any sort of historical accuracy, if I want to get that I'll read a book. :)
Mar 2014
Beneath a cold sun, a grey sun, a Heretic sun...
No spoilers, please! I won't be watching season 2 until it comes out on DVD.

I do love the clever mix of historical pirates (Vane, Rackham, Bonny) with famous fictional characters from Treasure Island (Flint, Silver). It's still just Deadwood with pirates, though. :)


Ad Honorem
May 2013
You should check out Rome, which aired in 2005-2007 on HBO. It was co-produced by the BBC and HBO (mostly HBO), and was for the most part historically accurate and extremely well-made.
Rome is the best historical show ever, it respected its subject mostly and I felt every actor suited their role. The Tudors and The Borgias started out nice but soon felt like costumed soft porn. I think The Tudors started to give their female audience more attention because there was a lot of boring scheming type of stuff.

I won't even watch Spartacus or Black Sails since I've seen the trailers, does not seem to respect their subjects.

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