blair mountain battle


Ad Honorem
Feb 2013
portland maine
The post on Ludlow Massacre post brought to mind the Blair Mountain battle, August 30 - Sept. 5, 1921 in west Virginia. Miners of the UMW organized around work conditions and the "company store system" It began with a planned march that was confronted by "patriots" being paid by management. This group took up a defensive position on the mountain. Around 3,000 miners were armed and marched up the mountain. They were met with machine gun fire and at least 10 bleach shrapnel bombs dropped by private planes. 12 deaths of miners, 4 of management defenders. Plus 985 miners arrested for murder, conspiracy to commit murder ad treason against the state of west Virginia many were convicted and received prison time.The UMW lost thousands of members. The immediate result was a clear victor for management. I have forgotten in what role but in some capacity "Mother Jones was invovled, as was Billy Mitchell
Dec 2010
Thanks for posting this, Port. Never heard of the affair before. Wiki offers a great read about it, with plenty of links for anyone wanting to delve deeper.