bolshevik revolution after 1917

Feb 2008
I'm confused. i'm trying to write a paper about what happened to the bolshevik revolution after 1917... and i can't find any information anywhere on WHY Lenin eventually described it as "a bougeois and tsarist hotch-potch". Does anyone know why he did? or where i can find any information?


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Jun 2006
Wiki The Russian Revolution or Lenin and follow any interesting or relevent links. Check out books on Lenin or the Revolution, there are hundreds to choose from.
Feb 2008
I think he was referring to the fact that they were supposedly in league with one another, exploiting the masses, supressing the proleteriat (albeit as small as it was) and maintaining the status quo throughout the Empire, ie absaloutism.
Jul 2007
Didn't Lenin become disillusioned with the way things went - that his original ideas which gave the revolution impetus, just sort of fell by the wayside .... from what I can remember (and I think I'm having a "senior moment") that Lenin wasn't for the execution of the Imperial family ....

..... its been quite a while since I studied this so I could quite conceivably be very wrong .......
Feb 2008
Thats true is, he didnt initally advocate the execution of the Imperial family but gace way when White Army forces began to close in on the area that they where being held captive, and thus took the drastic measure in order to deprive the White Armies of having the Imperial Czar to rally around and which would have undoubtedly have given greater impetus to their cause and morale.