Bombardment of Copenhagen 1807: Necessary or Needless?


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Jan 2010
Make one. The military history sub-forum is dreadfully boring at the moment, that could liven things up.
I agree, apart from some Napoleonic threads (Some made by me.) and the new ones on WWII the subforum seems to have slowed down a bit.

We didn't have a Marlborough thread (Or a Spanish Succession thread.) for several months now.
I will post one then try and get the talking going again :)

I've been meaning to find a definitive history of that war for a while now, so maybe you'd have some suggestions for ones you think are the best and most comprehensive?
Many people read Chandler, for Marlborough but I prefer James Falkner as he analyses more and is non-biased, so gives a solid view of Marlborough. I have most of his various books on Marlborough and even Vauban
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